Pharmacy Information

Choose one of our Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage to get everything you need in one easy plan. Learn more about Medicare Part D drug coverage and the coverage gap.

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Save Time and Money

$0 Tier 1 Generics

You can get Tier 1 generic drugs for $0 when you fill your prescription at Walgreens or other preferred cost-sharing pharmacies.

You can also get drugs at other standard cost-sharing network pharmacies for a low cost.

Retail 90

In 2020, you can fill a 90-day supply of your Tier 1 medications at $0 and Tier 2 and 3 medications for a 2.5-month copay at Walgreens or other preferred cost-sharing pharmacies. At our other standard cost-sharing pharmacies, you would pay a 3-month copay for a 90-day supply. This applies in store or by mail order.

Compare Drugs

Use our Compare Drugs tool to figure out what your meds will cost on our plans each year, and talk to your doctor about generic drug options. Connect to information and education about generic drugs and the savings they offer on Ask for Generics.

No Rx Deductible

Our Part D plans don't have a deductible.

Get the Lowest-Priced Option

If there is a lower-priced deal at the pharmacy than what you’d pay through us, you will get the drugs for that lower price.

Flu and Shingles Shots

You can get the flu shot at no cost to you when you use any in-network provider or pharmacy. If you get the shot at the doctor’s office, an office visit copay may apply.

The shingles shot falls under your pharmacy coverage, so you can get it any in-network provider or pharmacy that offers the shot for just your Tier 3 copay.

Savings for Members without Prescription Coverage

Medicare Advantage members without Part D coverage can also get help paying for their prescription drugs by showing their ID card at the pharmacy.

Extra Help

You might be able to get extra help paying for your prescription drug premiums and costs.

For more info and to see if you qualify, contact:

Check the Best Available Evidence (BAE) for info about cost-sharing from CMS.


Drug Formulary

Find all the drugs covered by your plan. Use the index at the end to find your drug quickly.

Formulary Updates

Preauthorizations and Clinical Guidelines

Certain services and drugs require preauthorization, or approval of a drug or medical procedure before you get it.

Providers should request preauthorizations through Your Health Alliance.

Receive Over-the-Counter Products Using Your Plan

As a member of Health Alliance Medicare, you can select up to $40 worth of over-the-counter items every quarter and have them shipped to your door for free.

Our Over-the-Counter Catalog includes certain medicines, vitamins, denture care, blood pressure monitors, and much more.

To get started, check out our Over-the-Counter Catalog to find items you may need. When you’re ready, Order Online or call 1-855-824-2021 (TTY: 771). You can also use the order form that was mailed to you with the Over-the-Counter Catalog.

High Risk Medications

Find high-risk medications for the elderly and alternative treatments.

Prescription Drug Safety

Use this program for help taking multiple medications safely and effectively.

Find which drugs have special rules or limits to keep you safe.

Get details on how we'll help you switch to drugs we cover.

Other pharmacies are available in our network. The formulary and pharmacy network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.