Why Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Do you want more coverage for your doctor, hospital, or drug costs? Do you want to know the maximum that you'll pay in a year for medical costs? Do you want one trusted company you can contact for help with your coverage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you.

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More Coverage in More Areas

Problem with Original Medicare

Only your hospital and and medical costs are covered. You'll have to buy a Medicare Supplement plan for more coverage and a Part D plan for prescription drug coverage.

Solution with Medicare Advantage

With our plans you'll get all your coverage in one, neat package.

Depending on the plan you choose, more of your medical and hospital costs will be covered, you can add prescription drug coverage, and you can use our extra $200 or more for dental.

When adding a prescription drug plan, you can make sure your drugs are covered on our formularies, find programs to help you save, and make sure you understand costs in the coverage gap to make the most out of your coverage.

You'll also get great extras, like Be Fit, which pays you back for a gym membership, coverage while you're traveling, and our 24-hour Anytime Nurse Line.


Yearly Limits on What You'll Pay

Problem with Original Medicare

There is no out-of-pocket spending limit, which means if you get sick, your wallet might feel it too.

Solution with Medicare Advantage

Our plans stop your out-of-pocket expenses from getting out of hand when you get sick. Some of our plans have an out-of-pocket limit as low as $3,900.


Copays for Common Services

Problem with Original Medicare

You usually pay 20% coinsurance, or 20% of a service's cost, for common kinds of care, like doctor visits and outpatient surgery.

Solution with Medicare Advantage

Our plans use copayments instead of coinsurance for many of these services, which means you'll just pay a fixed cost.

  • Example

    On one of our plans, you have a $10 copay when you see your doctor. So every time you see your doctor, you'll pay $10, no matter how much the visit actually costs.

    If you have Original Medicare, you'll pay 20% of the total cost of the visit. So, if the visit costs $200, you'll pay $40.


Save Money, Time & Paperwork

Problem with Original Medicare

When you add a Supplement or Part D plan to your Original Medicare, you'll have to pay your Part B, Medicare Supplement, and Part D premiums to each individual company

Solution with Medicare Advantage

With a Medicare Advantage plan, you'll save on time and paperwork by only having to work with one company for payments and customer service. You'll just pay your Part B premium and your Medicare Advantage premium to us.

Plus, your Medicare Advantage premium is a set yearly rate, and it won't get more expensive just because of your age, unlike Supplement plans.